Buchanan Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

2023 Cherry Blossom Display Wraps Up!

Buchanan invites you to enjoy the beauty of spring’s cherry blossoms without the crowds. Make a day trip to the Town of Buchanan to enjoy the blooms of Yoshino Cherry trees along the Town’s Main Street, Lowe Street, Town Park and Boyd Street. The highest concentration of cherry trees are along Lowe Street and the Buchanan Town Park located at 485 Lowe Street. You are welcome to give us a call at (540) 254-1212 x 4 for the latest update.

The exact date of bloom each year is a “guestimate” based on bud growth. Historically the projected bloom period has been the last week of March through the first week of April.

We will post updates on the progress of blooms and projected bloom dates, and, you can always call the Buchanan Town Hall at (540) 254-1212 x 4 to verify the blooms.

Trees are concentrated in the historic center of Town. Visitors will find Cherry Trees along Main Street in the block between 15th street and Washington Street as well as along Boyd Street in the upper block. The highest concentration of trees are located along Lowe Street which is located just below Main Street. If you need to use GPS you can use the address of the Buchanan Town Park at 485 Lowe Street, Buchanan, Virginia 24066. The Cherry Trees stretch along most of the length of Lowe Street with several trees also planted along the river’s edge within the Town Park making for a beautiful stroll and great backdrop for photos.

Buchanan Cherry Blossoms

Peak Bloom & Blooming Period

When is peak bloom?
     The peak bloom date is defined as the day when 70% of the Yoshino Cherry blossoms are open. Peak bloom varies annually depending on weather conditions. The most likely time to reach peak bloom is between the last week of March and the first week of April. Extraordinary warm or cool temperatures can change the peak bloom date by days, or, even up to a week.

How long is peak bloom?
     Buchanan’s Yoshino Cherry trees typically bloom for a period of several days. The length of the blooming period depends on weather conditions. Cool, calm weather can extend the length of the bloom, and a rainy, windy day can bring an abrupt end to the ephemeral blossoms. A late frost can prevent the trees from blooming at all.

Predicting the bloom.
     Forecasting peak bloom is almost impossible more than 10 days in advance. The cherry trees' blossom development is dependent on weather conditions. The Town monitors bud development and reports the status of the blossoms.

What are the stages of bud development?

  • Green color in buds.
  • Florets Visible.
  • Extension of Florets.
  • Peduncle Elongation.
  • Puffy White.
  • Peak Bloom.

You and your family are invited to make a Day Trip to Buchanan, Virginia “where Main Street meets the mountains”…