Town Fees

Town Sunrise


Town of Buchanan Fees Due by December 5th

Personal Property Taxes $0.32 per $100.00
Real Estate Taxes $0.19 per $100.00
Tools and Machinery $0.10 per $100.00

Business and Professional Operators Tax (BPOL)

License - $25.00 first year
Based on gross receipts thereafter
Due February 15th.

Permits & Utility Fees - From Buchanan Town Hall

Zoning Permit $50.00
Sign Permit $50.00
Zoning Action Request $150.00 ad fees
Renter's Water Deposit $200.00
Water Hook Up $2,200.00
Sewer Hook Up $2,500.00

Town of Buchanan Fees - Due by December 5th

  • Personal Property Taxes: $0.32 per $100.00
  • Real Estate Taxes: $0.19 per $100.00
  • Tools and Machinery: $0.10 per $100.00

Business and Professional Operators License

License - $25.00 minimum, based on gross receipts.

Due February 15th. License obtained from the Buchanan Town Hall. Please get a Sign Permit from Buchanan Town Hall before placing any signs.

  • Meals Tax - 4% Due on the 20th of each month. Forms may be acquired from the Buchanan Town Hall.
  • Transient Occupancy Tax- 4% Due on the 20th of each month. Forms may be acquired from the Buchanan Town Hall.
  • Water and Sewer Fees - Bills due by the 15th of each month
  • Renter's Deposit - $200.00
  • Property Owner Deposit - $0.00

Water, Sewer and Garbage customers are billed monthly for services. Residential Customers are charged $48.25 for the first 4,000 gallons of water, $32.25 for sewer, and $14.50 for garbage pickup. Commercial customers are charged $50.25 for the first 4,000 gallons of water, $32.25 for sewer and $20.50 for garbage. Water and sewer usage over 4,000 gallons per month are charged additional fees. Out of Town water rates are 1.5 times the base in-Town rate for residential and commercial.

Water and Sewer rates are set by Town Council and are in the Town Code Chapter 22 Utilities. Water and Sewer Rates from Town Code - 07-01-2012 (excerpted from the Town Code). These rates are subject to change with proper public notice. These are the base rates for in-Town customers. Out-of-Town customer rates are multiplied 1.5 times those shown.

Dumpsters must be located and screened as per Town Zoning.

To get connected:

Water & Sewer services are provided by the Town of Buchanan.

Residents who are renting their place of residence must come to the front desk of the Buchanan Town Hall to sign up for services. Before water service is connected, a $200.00 Water Deposit is required.

Home owners may sign up for services in person, or, sign up for services over the phone at (540) 254-1212. There is no deposit for home owners.

Garbage Pick Up:

You are automatically signed up for trash when you apply for water & sewer. Refuse fees will be added to your regular water and sewer bill. The Residential Rate is $14.50 and the business rate is $21.50.

Pickup is weekly on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday (Check with Town Hall for your delivery dated based on your address (540) 254-1212. Refuse must be placed next to the street no later than 7 a.m. on the day of collection.

Containers may be no greater than 30 gallons, or, 50 pounds. Residents are limited to 6 cans of household garbage. No brush or toxic materials. Items over 4 foot should be broken down. Garbage should be bagged and in cans with lids to contain it and prevent animals from accessing it.

The Town has a Brush Collection Center located at 541 Parkway Drive. Use of this site is only available for Town residents. Come by Town Hall to borrow a key. You may not duplicate this key or share it.

To recycle:

Residents may drop off recyclables in marked bins at the Recycle Center which is located at Buchanan Elementary School. The School is located at 255 School House Road. The Recycle Center accepts cardboard, mixed paper, newspapers, glass, number 1 & 2 plastic, aluminum and tin.